What To Do When You Can’t Reach A Customer

We’ve built a step-by-step process for times you can't reach or find a customer into the rider app. Riders are required to follow these steps for all orders to help you contact the customer in every way possible and give them a reasonable amount of time to respond. You can find these steps below the order details on the Order screen.

Send them a message
Remember to knock on the door and ring the customers doorbell twice each.
If there is no response, tap ‘Chat’ to open a Chat window with the customer. To save you time, there’ll be a few ready-made messages for you to choose from. 

Give them a call
If they don’t reply, return to the Order screen and tap ‘Call’. 

Tell them you’re leaving soon
If the customer doesn’t answer their phone or respond to your message, the option to send them a push notification will become available underneath the ‘Call’ option 2 minutes later. This lets the customer know that if they don’t respond quickly, you’ll have to leave.

Leave the order after waiting 5 minutes
5 minutes after you’ve sent them a push notification, you’ll be able to complete the delivery in the app. A list with safe locations will appear. All you need to do is select the most appropriate location, mark the order complete and leave it in a safe place for the customer. 

Take a photo of the order in the rider app, and to protect the customer's privacy, be sure not to include any people’s faces or any other identity information in the photo. You’ll need to allow the rider app to access your phone camera. 

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-What to do if I can’t find a safe place to leave the food?
- If you are unable to find a safe place to leave the order, please follow the steps on the rider app and select the 'No safe place available' option. You will be prompted to leave notes explaining why there is no safe place. After marking the order as 'undeliverable', please dispose of the order safely after 5 minutes.

-What to do if it's a cash order and the customer is unreachable?
- If you have tried knocking on the customer's door, ringing the bell and have also tried to contact them yet they are still unresponsive after waiting 5 minutes, kindly contact the Support team via chat for further assistance.